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This is a graphical representation of tv I have loved. :)

I watch TV. That's about all there is to know about me. )
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I am literally still not over Broadchurch just fyi. Slowly making my way through the fics on AO3.

I started a Stargate SG-1 rewatch. Currently somewhere in season 3. This show remains as great as ever.

The show is a very funny journey down late 90s hamfisted attempts at what a bunch of guys thought feminism looked like while still being so cluelessly unaware of all the ways in which they were not feminist at all. I'm so good natured about it only because it was 20 years ago and there's no point being anything other than amused at this point. I don't want to be angry at a thing I love for something that's done and over with. But damn, especially season 1.. haha. And I don't even mean just the gross stuff like Emancipation or Hathor but just weird stuff - Sam's characterization surprised me by being much more confusing in season 1 than I remember. She's her, yeah, but there's this weird other vein where she's being the psychologist of the group in several episodes for reasons I can only assume are due to her gender. Also in the episode Singularity (first one with Cassandra), Teal'c makes some comment about how Sam just knows that Cassandra would be fine due to "mother's instinct" like whaaaaaat can we not, Sam is the WORST at mothering, ahahaha.

Also if you want to read an interesting story from Amanda Tapping about just one of the things she overcame at the beginning of SG-1, read this. It's about clothing choices. The part I find interesting about the story is the casual sexism - the creators just wanted to see her in something sexy. Cause she's a woman, so duh? And she raised a concern with it and they were like ok whatever, because it wasn't like they were so super attached to push-up-bra Carter. But it's just the default that they and so many are accustomed to so of course they wanted her in sexy clothing because what else would she be in?! ~*~*~casual sexism~*~*~

But anyway. Season 2 starts getting infinitely better and season 3 is when the show really starts hitting its stride. I'm all strapped in for the ride cause it just gets better and better from here. :D
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As we all must know by now, the next Doctor on Doctor Who will be a woman. (Yaaas.) This is coinciding with Moffat finally leaving. I always said I'd give Who another go once he's gone, and I am going to be true to my word and see if the new showrunner's any good!

In order to ease myself back into it, I thought I'd get to know the new Doctor's actress a little. She's done lots of stuff but Broadchurch was on my netflix so it was easiest to watch and I'd heard good things about it, so I decided to watch. And OMG am I glad I did. I LOVED IT!!! I mean, new Doctor aside, I really loved the show. (I mostly forgot that she was the reason I started watching the show after about 2 episodes.) I would say it's basically a Brit version of The Killing, which I adored. One case/story over a long period (multiple seasons), lady cop that I LOVE*, unlikely partnership that scratches my itches in all the right ways.. YES GOOD THANKS.

I'm really sad they only did 3 series of Broadchurch. :((((( And Hardy/Miller is my ship flavor of the moment now.

*so my love for Ellie Miller is just like, okay, she's so optimistic and wants to save the world and she endures unimaginable pain, such a specific kind that very few people have to go through (trying not to spoil here), but she comes out the other side and she's STILL optimistic and STILL upbeat and STILL so empathetic and that's her best feature THAT'S what helps her solve crimes THAT'S what makes her so crucial to Hardy, so irreplacable, and no she's not perfect by any means, but her humanity is what gives her the edge and helps her see the things he misses - that and her CRAZY CRIMESOLVING WALLS (my favorite) - that helps her connect to victims she fights for, and she doesn't let Hardy's gruffness get to her, she's just like oh shut up, she's amazingly strong to be there for the best friend that hates her, and I just???? LOVE??? HER?????!!!!! Here's a convenient list of Miller's 10 best moments ahahha my laughter devolves into sobbing because I love her so much.

HERE HAVE A RANDOM PICSPAM I MADE b/c I love Hardy and Miller so muh-huh-huch

P A R T N E R S.
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Great tunes behind the cut! Some of my faves of the moment. It's VERY ECLECTIC. I have wide and weird tastes. :)

Testing to see if I remember how to make a cut. )
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Omg so I totally thought everyone forgot about me because I never got notifications of replies to my last entry.. I was sad and was like oh everyone moved on. And then I just checked and saw there were a bunch of comments and it turns out I never updated my email address in DW.. so there's that. >.<

I like how I posted a whole list of tv that I desperately needed to catch up on, and then proceeded to catch up on NONE OF THEM and instead (after finishing The Americans), doing a COMPLETE REWATCH of Star Trek Enterprise.

Enterprise is so good and it's one of those shows where when I rewatch it, it's such a fantastic re-discovery of everything. Yeah it had its faults, but overall, I think it's one of the best Treks they ever made. (Case in point: I'm rewatching DS9 now, and season 1 is so bad, y'all. So so bad. Almost unwatchably bad. I've had to watch most of s1 in the background while doing other things because I Just Can't.)

I went looking for screencaps and found basically none (only what's at trekcore, and since when are 600 caps for a whole episode an adequate amount? NEVER). So guess who has undertaken the project of capping the entirety of Enterprise? Honestly, the show has some really beautiful shots. (Especially in the last 2 seasons.) I mean, nobody's going to be interested in these caps besides me so this is probably a ridiculous undertaking (especially considering I only get on my computer like 1-2 days of the week anymore) but oh well.
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HEY HOW ARE YOU ALL sorry I'm the worst at life journaling.

I pretty much stopped watching tv for a long time. I hardly watched anything for a year. If I watched anything it was just random youtube videos that I'd fall asleep to halfway through. And I'd watch things that were available on Netflix because it meant I didn't have to turn on my computer and download something. But lately I've been making the effort to rediscover my true love (television) and get caught up on things.

Shows I'm now current on:

The 100
Better Call Saul
Agents of SHIELD
Jessica Jones
Luke Cage
Iron Fist
Dark Matter
Game of Thrones
The OA
Master of None
Stranger Things
Bojack Horseman

Show I'm currently getting caught up on:

The Americans (1/3 of the way through the current season)

Shows next on the list to catch up on:

The Walking Dead (haven't watched last have of season 7)
Killjoys (haven't watched season 2)
Orphan Black (haven't watched season 4)
Fargo (need to start season 3, which is currently airing)
Grimm (need to finish the last couple eps of season 5, and then apparently the show ended with one more season :( so I need to watch that too.)
Homeland (need to watch season 6)

Shows I will one day resume, one daaaaaay:

Continuum (just need to watch that last wrap-up season)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (I don't even remember where I left off)

Shows I stopped watching a while ago and gave up on:

Once Upon a Time
Sleepy Hollow
probably others

I missed you, tv
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I finally saw The Force Awakens! Bring it down.. )

gosh i love arrows.

also watching tv, making icons, writing fic, reading comics, and generally fanning it up.