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I feel like this is kind of a terrible song but also ridiculous catchy and I can't stop listening.


This is the first year when I'm just already tired of Christmas before it even happens. I've been attempting to inject the Christmas spirit in myself but it's not working all that great. I had some work friends over last night and we watched Christmas movies and it was nice but also I'm just meh on the holiday this year. I don't know why. :(


Still haven't seen Star Wars. I'm kind of waiting til the crowds thin out at the theater. I can only do the crazy crowds when it's a Marvel movie haha. But so far the overwhelming response is "awesome movie" so I'm excited to see it.


I'm in the middle of watching The Great British Baking Show on netflix and it's a+++. Compared to US cooking competition shows, there is next to no drama. Everyone is mostly just lovely and nice and wants to do their best rather than DESTROYYYYYY THE COMPETITIONNNNNNN. And everyone's so British. *someone presents a burned as fuck pie* "Oh it's just a bit too overbaked at the top there." I recommend it to everyone as a nice low stress cooking competition show with lots of delicious looking foods.
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When it's 1:30am and you need to sleep cause you have to be to work at 8am but you're not tired??

Read through all your old tumblr posts and be sad about the people who used to be in your life but no longer are.



before people changed

and also

and all the nerds you used to know

Do u ever just miss the people who aren't in ur life anymore?
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Last week's episode of Agents of Shield was sooooo gooooood. Like, it was Jemma-centric which is always good cause she's my boo but also it just had sort of a classic scifi story feel to it and it was really good ahhh. One of the best episodes of tv I've seen in a long time. There's a new episode of Shield on tonight and I'm just like can I watch last week's episode again instead? haha.

Grimm premiered last night and I enjoyed it. Some vague spoilers. )

Apparently the time shift happened.. at.. some point? All I know is, I'm only two hours behind the east coast again so I can watch my nightly tv even sooner! Woo!

Recently someone commented on one of my icon posts about loving the textures I use, and I rar'd up all my icon size textures for her and since it's such a good resource, I'll share it with you all too. A file of over 2700 icon-size textures that I've collected over the years. HAVE AT IT.
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Last night I watched Terminator Genisys. And I really, really enjoyed it!

some thoughts )
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Dear Yuletide Author )

edited 10/19 with some more thoughts/feelings of each of my chosen canons
edited 10/26 with new prompts, expanded prompts, re-wording of a few things

yes good

Oct. 8th, 2015 06:16 pm
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"Following our hero’s debut adventure in this summer’s “Ant-Man,” Scott Lang will return alongside Hope Van Dyne on July 6, 2018 with Marvel’s “Ant-Man and the Wasp.” The sequel will mark the first Marvel Studios film named after its heroine."

ant-man and the wasp

ant-man and thE WASP




Sep. 23rd, 2015 11:53 am
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Did we all watching Longmire season 4? Good right? I really enjoyed it.

Back when I spent my life in landcomms, one of my least favorite activities were nonograms. In a weird twist of fate, I have discovered I like nonograms and have actually become mildly obsessed with them. A month ago I installed a random app on my phone with lots of different numbers-related puzzle games and nonograms were one of them and I gave it a shot and once I discovered a strategy I realized they are actually fun logic challenges and I've been solving them non stop. Too bad I couldn't have figured that out back in my landcomm days lol.

I have (another) interview at the library today. I interviewed a few weeks ago and they did not offer me the job, and I got a voicemail from them saying I didn't get it but I was a strong applicant and they were passing my resume on. I got a call a week later from another department wanting to interview me, but it was very short notice and I had to work the day/time they wanted me to come in. So I had to decline. But then I got another call like another week later inviting me to another interview. Which happened to fall on my day off so I could do it. So I have that this afternoon. This will be my third interview with the library in 1.5 years haha. We'll see how it goes...

For more entertaining fare, here are a few selections from Noelle's late summer 2015 playlist:

I'm really ok with this style of music making a modernized comeback.

more jams get em while they're fresh )


Sep. 5th, 2015 10:44 pm
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Everything about this cap is amazing. I'm gonna do it I'm gONNA ICON KILLJOYS

This show is a+++ guys. If you haven't seen it you should.

1 - kickass lady protag who is complex and interesting and best

2 - <3 ~~ <3 ~ aaron ashmore <3 ~~

3 - SPACE and SPACESHIPS and so much scifi plot

4 - good writing interesting plots not so many cliches i mean i like cliches but originality too!

5 - GREAT DIALOGUE. "get off my ship. you're filling it with douchebag."

6 - DID I MENTION A WOMAN CREATED IT ladies in scifi is good need more yes

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OOPS I committed fic.

low is a height a Grimm Nick & Trubel fic post season-4, 5575 words of introspection friendship and angst cause that's the kind of shit I'm into.

But be warned my fic-writing skills are super rusty. After I uploaded it I realized the last fic I'd uploaded was in July of 2014. Yikes.

BUT I MISSED WRITING so I want to get back into it. Also I don't know why I wrote Grimm fic when my life has been 100% Stargate-oriented the past month.

Speaking Stargate, I'm nearly done. My thoughts after getting 3/4 of the way into season 10:

I'm not holding back in here! )
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Rewatching SG-1 has led me on a whirlwind of emotions. I thought maybe I'd see things about the show differently, now that so many years have passed. But it hasn't turned out that way, like, at all. I'm just re-experiencing all the same emotions that I felt when the show was on the air, but on a more compressed time schedule. lol.

I'm just barely into season 8 now and I just watched the episode with Jack's first day as general and Sam leading SG1 and feeling insecure and nobody's really confident in her leadership. And I'd be ok with that if I knew it led to her blossoming as the leader of SG1. But instead Cam will be coming by and they have to co-lead the team and sigh. And it's not even anything against Cam - I actually really like him - but it's like, on the show, nobody thinks Col Carter can lead SG1, and behind the scenes, nobody thinks Amanda Tapping can carry the show.

I don't know why I let it get to me so much, it's been ten years, it's done, it's over! But it's just stirred up in me today because I just watched that episode and then I went to amazon to buy the s9 and s10 dvds (BECAUSE I NEVER DID BECAUSE OF MY RAGE) and on Amazon it's all TOP BILLING BEN BROWDERRRRrrr and Amanda Tapping is literally not even on the cover.

I'm just not ok with this!

(Also the arrival of Elizabeth Weir made me want to rewatch Atlantis too but I know my rage levels for Atlantis are like 58204 times worse than SG1 so I'm just not gonna go there haha.)

i just have a lot of sam feelings ok

But I'm going to buy those seasons and really try I pROMISE. Maybe I'll learn to like Vala this time

gosh i love arrows.

also watching tv, making icons, writing fic, reading comics, and generally fanning it up.