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This is a graphical representation of tv I have loved. :)

I watch TV. That's about all there is to know about me. )
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4. What are you afraid of?

First and foremost: Spiders. FOREVER SPIDERS.

Secondly: Death, I suppose. Well I guess I'm less afraid of death and more afraid of the concept of ceasing to exist. How can I no longer be me? How can the world spin on without me there to experience it? It's not fair and I don't want it to happen.

Thirdly: Making a fool of myself (which I manage to do all the time anyway, sigh).

Fourthly: Being stabbed. It seems really painful.

Fifthly: Other people on the road. Nobody out there can drive worth a damn. And I have been in my share of close calls, including a Ford truck's grill inches away from my side window. (Other drivers make up at least 40% of the reason why I don't own a car or drive!)

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I knew I wouldn't manage to do these 31 days in a row. But I didn't forget!

My favorite quote.. hmm. I should probably pick something deep and meaningful and written by a great poet and something at least not written in the past hundred years but I don't care. My favorite quote is totally from a movie and is this:

Pretty much my life motto, lol. Sounds corny maybe, but this is the thing I tell myself whenever I start to worry about little things in life, or get anxiety about something. It's a quote I say to myself every time I've gotten into a car and driven thousands of miles to live in a totally new place. Life is there to be lived and experienced, and I never want to be stagnant, cause I've done that and it's not fun.

Runner up:

This was my LJ title & subtitle for yearssssss. But The Shawshank Redemption is my favoritest movie ever in the world and I love all the quotes. I LIVE MY LIFE BY THIS MOVIE. .. IN CASE YOU COULDN'T TELL. XD

day 1 + rest of the days

gosh i love arrows.

also watching tv, making icons, writing fic, reading comics, and generally fanning it up.