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Great tunes behind the cut! Some of my faves of the moment. It's VERY ECLECTIC. I have wide and weird tastes. :)

Punch Brothers - This Girl

Bluegrass folksy kinda stuff. Fun! I think if you like earlier Mumford and Sons you'll love these guys. (They've even performed with M&S, haha.) I really like this song especially, very catchy. Also while looking up info on the band I discovered the lead singer is married to Claire Coffee. :D

65daysofstatic - Heat Death Infinity Splatter

THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE BAND EVER. They are electronic experimental rock. They go between dreamy shoegaze and intense rock. This group also did the entire soundtrack to the video game No Man's Sky, and the soundtrack to the game is amazing even if the game itself was lacking. But this song is probably one of my favorites and needs to be like, the music to the opening scene of some sort of dystopian movie haha. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IS HAPPENING. There is a lot of danger out there.. ok?

Swet Shop Boys - Aaja

Swet Shop Boys is an Indian-American/British-Pakistani hip hop group and they're amazing. This was the first song I ever heard by them, it's super catchy and adorable, and also funny. About half their music is more light hearted like this and the other half they delve into some serious shit like islamophobia and general fear/mistreatment of brown people. Also while watching some of their videos I was like is that Riz Ahmed?? And yes, he's half of this duo! I'm not much of a hip hop person in general but the combo of east/west is so good!

FM-84 - Running in the Night

SOOOooo one of my new musical obsessions is synthwave, and the best way I can describe it is "modern 80s synthpop." IT'S SO GOOD. But I always loved synth and new wave and all that sort of stuff so anything from this genre is A+++ by me! FM-84 is one of my favorite artists. A lot of the songs have no vocals, except for ones like this one that have guest vocalists. ugh so goooooood

Parekh & Singh - Ghost

*busts through wall* DO YOU LIKE LAIDBACK DREAMPOP???! WANT SOME CHILL TUNES TO RELAX WITH WHILE YOU SIP YOUR CHAI TEA AND WATCH THE RAIN FALL OUT YOUR WINDOW? BECAUSE IF SO I HAVE THE DUO FOR YOU! Lyrics are fanciful and the sound is meandering and overall they produce some sweet, lovely songs. Also this video is #aestheticgoals

HAIM - Little of your Love

ROCK, good ol' rock. You've probably heard of HAIM before (maybe even from me because I LOVE THEM) but their new album is dropping soon and they've put out a few singles and this one is my favorite it's so good!!!!!!! UGH.

Date: 2017-07-09 03:30 pm (UTC)
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HAIM's new album is SO GOOD YO.

Also I am going to see Punch Brothers perform next month!

(Also also, hi, it's been AGES, I am the worst.)

Date: 2017-07-10 05:28 am (UTC)
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ahahah you're so funny

i will add this lot to my spotify lists!!

Date: 2017-07-22 07:21 pm (UTC)
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hi! awesome music recs since i am old and literally forget to look for new music... though i have listened to HAIM's new stuff!

gosh i love arrows.

also watching tv, making icons, writing fic, reading comics, and generally fanning it up.