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Great tunes behind the cut! Some of my faves of the moment. It's VERY ECLECTIC. I have wide and weird tastes. :)

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Sep. 23rd, 2015 11:53 am
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Did we all watching Longmire season 4? Good right? I really enjoyed it.

Back when I spent my life in landcomms, one of my least favorite activities were nonograms. In a weird twist of fate, I have discovered I like nonograms and have actually become mildly obsessed with them. A month ago I installed a random app on my phone with lots of different numbers-related puzzle games and nonograms were one of them and I gave it a shot and once I discovered a strategy I realized they are actually fun logic challenges and I've been solving them non stop. Too bad I couldn't have figured that out back in my landcomm days lol.

I have (another) interview at the library today. I interviewed a few weeks ago and they did not offer me the job, and I got a voicemail from them saying I didn't get it but I was a strong applicant and they were passing my resume on. I got a call a week later from another department wanting to interview me, but it was very short notice and I had to work the day/time they wanted me to come in. So I had to decline. But then I got another call like another week later inviting me to another interview. Which happened to fall on my day off so I could do it. So I have that this afternoon. This will be my third interview with the library in 1.5 years haha. We'll see how it goes...

For more entertaining fare, here are a few selections from Noelle's late summer 2015 playlist:

I'm really ok with this style of music making a modernized comeback.

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- I HAVE been to the comic shop and the new lady Thor #1 is IN MY POSSESSION but I have not yet read it b/c I am so behind on my comics omg *sobs brokenly* Has anyone read it? Is it good, yes/no?

- I guess She-Hulk was cancelled? :/ This saddens me. Sigh.

- I signed up to in October when they had open registration, my username is noelledemort for anyone who wants to friend me or what have you. I only understand like 20% of what's going on, but, DRAGONSSSSS. I'm enjoying it so far.

- Nanowrimo is basically a lost cause for me. Yesterday I wrote some, like 1600 words. I'm already so far behind and it's only 4 days in. Yeah this is one of those years where it's definitely not happening. Though I like my idea (I always do) so I'll see how far I can manage to get I guess, haha.

- I can't stop listening to the following three songs: Sweater Weather, Work it Out, and Mountain Sound.

- Briefest of OUAT spoilers - ANGIE LOOK )
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TIME FOR A MUSIC POST also I'm so glad I finally have a relevant icon for music posts

These are some of my favorite jams for what I like to call "lyrics light" music. Stuff that's either all instrumental, mostly instrumental, or the singing is so chill/quiet/calm that you kind of don't notice it. Also one of these is non-English.

Disclaimer, I'm a huge fan of destroyed things, I like the apocalypse and defending the planet against aliens and zombies and broken down generational ships flying through space fighting robots, and I love music that sounds right at home in those genres. My definition of chill is more like "that half-calm moment in between bouts of fighting for your life" and that's about where all this music fits in.

I also may have recced some of this before, FORGIVE PLS.

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music post

Jun. 3rd, 2014 11:41 am
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Time for a music post! Behind the cut are some songs I've had on repeat lately :D PREPARE TO HAVE THESE STUCK IN YOUR HEAD ALL DAY

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I finished the thing :D

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Ok. Let's do this. Noelle's favorite christmas music (all genres: contemporary, classics, and carols)! Buttload of youtube videos behind the cut. )
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5. 10 songs you love right now

I actually very recently made a post that was basically this, and it hasn't changed much as I am still listening to those songs quite a lot, heh. That post is over here.

BUT I LOVE MUSIC A LOT and I listen to a crazy variety of stuff, so I still want to share some things. So I'm gonna do something a little bit different. I'm going to share instead some of my favorite vaugely discordant songs. I LOVE discordant music (as long as it's still listenable), I love music that makes me feel wrong and unsettled, and I think I'm probably weird that way BUT Halloween's coming soon so maybe this is the perfect time for this list. :D Without further ado..

My 10 Favorite Discordant/Creepy/Unsettling Feeling Songs

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day 1 + rest of days


Sep. 27th, 2013 02:46 am
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There's a handful of songs I just can't stop listening to so here, I'm going to subject you all to them

But behind a cut because it's a bunch of embedded youtube videos and I'm nice :D )

gosh i love arrows.

also watching tv, making icons, writing fic, reading comics, and generally fanning it up.