Jan. 6th, 2016 12:40 am
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Oh, hello 2016!

Yuletide has come and gone, and this was only the second yuletide I've ever participated in. Usually the holiday season is far far too busy for me to take part, and probably I was too busy to this year, but I really wanted to take part this year so I forced myself to and I'm glad I did. I had an AWESOME yuletide. I somehow ended up with THREE amazing stories:

By the Numbers by Frea_O, a beautifully written and angst-filled post season 1 Dark Matter fic from Five's POV that just makes me eager for the next season

Johnny Jaqobis and the Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Day (That Just Might Be Okay in the End) by igrockspock, a funny and extremely in character "how they met" Killjoys story with Dutch and Johnny that could be an actual episode

Little Sister by Eustacia Vye, a lovely little slice of life ficlet that takes place pre-end-of-season 1 Dark Matter fic with content that is not sad but makes me sad knowing what happens

These fics were all super amazing and I feel really spoiled. <3 I totally won yuletide. :D

Reveals have happened so I can share my fic now too. I wrote a thing called New Hampshire, a Sarah/Kyle Terminator: Genisys fic. My recip was pretty much my feels twin and this was only like my 3rd attempt at the story, haha. Once I came up with the idea the thing pretty much wrote itself. I think I'm rather pleased with it in the end.

I'm hoping for 2016 I will write more than 2 fics in the year! I saw the 2015 fic year in review meme going around and was all oh I should do that, then realized I only wrote 2 fics. Not really much to work with there hahaha.
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OOPS I committed fic.

low is a height a Grimm Nick & Trubel fic post season-4, 5575 words of introspection friendship and angst cause that's the kind of shit I'm into.

But be warned my fic-writing skills are super rusty. After I uploaded it I realized the last fic I'd uploaded was in July of 2014. Yikes.

BUT I MISSED WRITING so I want to get back into it. Also I don't know why I wrote Grimm fic when my life has been 100% Stargate-oriented the past month.

Speaking Stargate, I'm nearly done. My thoughts after getting 3/4 of the way into season 10:

I'm not holding back in here! )
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Does anyone else have a really hard time ever changing their default icon? I was cruising around some iconner journals and found someone who kept track of their default icons, and in 2014 alone they'd had like 20+ different default icons. I'm so impressed! I can't be that ephemeral, haha. I put so much ridiculous thought into what I want my default to be and then it doesn't change for agesssssssssss. I feel like I make it more serious than it really is. After thinking about it I said to myself, I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna change my default (honestly I don't even know how long I've had this one, FOREVERRRRRRR), but then I just couldn't commit. My mouse pointer hovered over the "default" radio button and just refused to click!

Although I almosttttt changed it to a Trubel icon. Because Trubel is the beeeeeeest. (I am all caught up on Grimm now. :D) The sad part about mainlining a show is when you are finally caught up, you miss that regular binge viewing. Episodes of Grimm were my nightly friends for weeks! And now it is over. At least until the show comes back in October. I'm looking forward to it. :3

Couple random vaguely spoilery things about s3 Grimm )

Not Prime Time fic reveals happened so I can finally link my fic - Adults Take, a Revolution, Charlie/Bass fic. 3840 words. Rated M tho it's not particularly explicit. Now that's a pairing I never thought I'd write, but I was inspired. :) Go read it and stuff. Or don't. Your choice!
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I've been super creative and productive lately! Woo! It's all thanks to [livejournal.com profile] gameofcards which I am enjoying even if I have to go to livejournal (hissss) to play, lol.

First, I made a set of Grimm season 1 icons which are over here.

Then I wrote a ficccccc, it's Steve/Jane, and is very short (1217 words) and is over here. There's only 2 other fics on ao3 with Steve/Jane as a tag; I feel like something of a pioneer. *stakes flag in the ground* I CLAIM THIS LAND IN THE NAME OF WHATEVER THE PAIRING SMUSH-NAME IS FOR STEVE/JANE.

Speaking of fic:

- Not Prime Time reveals happened! I GOT MASS EFFECT FIC!!! I got hearts and stars in my eyes when I saw that. My fic: Peace isn't found on Rannoch, post-series, Shepard and Tali bonding. I love it; it's bittersweet but feels totally in character. *rolls around in glee because she got Mass Effect fic*

(As for my own fic, since works are still anonymous, I can't share what I wrote yet. But I got 2 comments from people other than my recip, and a handful of kudos! So I'm pleased. :D)

- Went insane and took a pinch hit for [livejournal.com profile] mcu_starfrost, which I had talked myself out of signing up for in the first place. *pats self on back* Am remembering why I've never written any fic with Loki featuring prominently in the first place: the intimidatingness that is writing Loki dialogue. Welp. Rewatched The Dark World again today to get into the mood. We'll see how this goes!

- I've got Crossovering and Rarepairfest sitting in my to-write box. I have some ideas brewing up haven't put proverbial pen to paper yet.

- Avengersfest has SIGNUPS open through July 14th. A lot of people sign up with rarepairs for this and that excites and intrigues me. My ship preferences for MCU tend to run rare (SOMEHOW! I usually am all about the juggernaut ships in canons but in MCU I just ended up loving all the underdogs. Oops.) so I am reallllllly tempted by this one. Also check out that nostalgic, old-style LJ comment sign up form! :D

- [personal profile] genficexchange is in the NOMINATION phase. While I love me a good genfic (truly!) I've got so many things on my plate right now that a genfic exchange is not quite tickling my fancy enough for me to sign up for this too, especially as I'm really considering Avengersfest at the moment. But I know a solid genfic exchange is something that has been wanted by many so go forth and check it out!

- [livejournal.com profile] rarecharacters is in the NOMINATION phase. The character I wanted most and nominated was rejected which I disagree with but whatever, I'm not gonna be That Person who argues the point. I have Avengersfest, I'll just go there. (AVENGERSFEST, apparently designed to meet all my needs!)
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[personal profile] skieswideopen totally reminded me of this last night and I forgot to do it anyway, hah.

I've been working on that Americans/MCU crossover although I don't have much of a plot yet. I feel like I need to add some sort of intrigue because right now all I know is what I want to do character-wise. Also that the fic will proooooobably be a dual-timeline fic taking place in present + past. Because I love complicating things for myself.

I'm borrowing a few deets from the comics but I don't even know Natasha's whole big backstory (and it's been retconned at least once so) but I know some broad strokes that I'm stealing since the MCU has been pretty vague except for the "do they always start that young" "I did" line, and making up the rest in order to smush the two canons together, mwahaha.

Anyway here's the actual WIP part of this entry, from one of the bits of the fic I wrote first and like best and isn't terribly subjugated to being completely rewritten if/when I decide what my plot is doing.

Also I need to rewatch Winter Soldier.

ok warnings over )
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[personal profile] skieswideopen is trying to get some progress done on her fic WIPs by doing a new project dubbed WIP Wednesdays (talking about & sharing snippets of WIPs to encourage yourself to get them done!) and in true enabler fashion I am gonna do the same.

My current WIPs are vaguely embarrassing tbh since I clearly have some tunnel vision right now when it comes to subject matter. But oh well. These are in reverse chronological order of when I started them.


1. Not Prime Time fic so I can't spill deets
2. MCU/The Americans crossover fic. This one is taking over all my brainspace right now but I've been kind of stymied because I'm waiting for the season finale of The Americans, which is going to determine a major direction the fic takes. WHICH IS TONIGHT. I can't wait to watch ahhhh!
3. Agents of Shield Jemma/Ward hurt/comfort fic. Totally just abandoned this in the middle once Turn, Turn, Turn happened and now if I finish it it would have to be pre-TTT and idk if I have the willpower to place fics in that time period? You know?
4. Agents of Shield time looping fic with Jemma as the time-looper (kinda SG-1 style) cause I love time looping and Jemma. HIJINKS!
5. Agents of Shield Jemma/Ward undercover relationship fic.. same thing as the other one. Ward broke my heart and NOW WHAT DO I DO?? lol.
6. MCU Bruce/Jane fic. I don't have much of a plot but I have a lot of words. This is my longest WIP @ ~4k words
7. MCU Steve/Jane. Almost a crack fic really, lol. I was writing it for trope bingo but that round ended forever ago and I never finished anything for it. But I was writing the trope of 'matchmaker' and the whole plot is that Nick Fury plays matchmaker for Steve and Jane and pairs them up for a date at the White House to meet the President. Yes it's definitely as strange as it sounds..
8. MCU Natasha & Jane road trip bonding fic.

Yeah so. There's some pretty obvious themes here haha. I have my favorites. I won't apologize.

And a snippet.. Snippet from the Steve/Jane fic because I chuckled while re-reading it. YES. I LAUGHED AT MY OWN FIC. )
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Well, I buckled down today and WROTE MY YULETIDE FIC! YEAHHHHH! I've given it a couple readthroughs and done my editing, would anyone care to do a quick beta for me? It's quite short (~1200 words) and is Sleepy Hollow. I don't think I'm outing myself too much by saying that, considering how many people req'd it, lol.

Anyway to make this entry FUNNNNN, now is the perfect time to do a meme I've never felt qualified to do until this year: a fic meme! (I just realized I've written over 50k of words in fic this year! I'M LIKE A REAL FANFIC WRITER NOW finally, I've only been writing fic since 2004).

End of the year fic meme )
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I signed up to [community profile] trope_bingo a bit ago and I have been waiting for my card, very impatiently, though I know they are only human. But I wantssss ittttttt.

[personal profile] skieswideopen told me to talk about my favorite tropes so here they are!

Fish out of water!
Amnesia, oh god amnesia yessss
Handcuffed/bound together (not even sexually it can just have HIJINKS i love hijinks with people who can't escape each other's company! Though it's nice as a ~romantic device too :D)
Undercover marriage
Hurt/comfort forever
Transformation (eg someone who becomes a creature who isn't that in canon, such as Allison Argent as a WEREWOLFFFFF)
ANYTHING AU, but special love for high school AUs and apocalypse AUs and space AUs
Arranged/forced marriage where they both slowly fall in loVEEEEeeeeee
Sex pollen and aliens made them do it JUDGE ME ALL YOU WANT
Road trip!
Attention ("singling someone out; treating someone specially in front of others; making a point of showing respect to or interest in someone who doesn't usually receive it; observing, studying, or analyzing someone to understand them")
Time travel and time loops oh my god yes
Trapped together (eg broken elevator, in a prison cell, whatever~~)
Angst, all the angst
SHARING especially if it's a bed, ahhhh

I might have forgotten some but these are just my favesss. There's also some I like but only with certain pairings. Like age differences is not a thing for me UNLESS it's Clint and Kate and then by all means yes PLEASE.
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Team Enabler has to listen to me whine all the time about how I want ALL THE TEEN WOLF SPACE AUs and I finally just wrote my own, mwahaha. I FEEL SO ACCOMPLISHED, I DID IT, I DID THE THING, I DID THE TEEN WOLF SPACE AU!

we ran as if to meet the moon
Rated teen, light Allison/Isaac, genre: horror
Words: 7952
Allison Argent is the mission commander of the Moon Mining Project. Her crew is an eclectic bunch, but good at their jobs. They've been in space for months with no problems - until the unimaginable happens, and the crew starts to change.
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Rare pair reveals were yesterday and the fic I received is sooooo goooooood! If you are into MCU, you should read it! It's called To Cover What We Can't Erase, it's Bruce/Natasha (BE STILL MY HEARTTTTTT), rated teen. I've been on the receiving end of some ah-mayyyyy-zing fic lately in the exchanges I've been doing. I'M SO SPOILED.

I can't share what I wrote yet b/c it's still anonymous. But my recip left me a nice comment and I got a comment from someone else and I got several kudos, so, I'll chalk it up to a success!

Though I did have a brief heart attack because I was reading through fail fandom anon and some people were going on about how horrible my recip's fic gift was, and I was like oh god I am the worst writer ever and everyone hates me. But my recip apparently got another fic from someone else, a treat I guess, and they were talking about that one, not mine. whew. *wipes sweat off brow*

If you're looking for a Teen Wolf fic/art exchange, TW fall harvest is happening soon. I'm considering it. :D The first half of season 3 totally left me in a glass case of emotions. I know a lot of people haven't enjoyed this season but I really have, despite any nonsensical plot elements, which have always sort of been a staple of Teen Wolf imo. lol. I CAN'T WAIT FOR SEASON 3.5!!

gosh i love arrows.

also watching tv, making icons, writing fic, reading comics, and generally fanning it up.