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This is a graphical representation of tv I have loved. :)

I watch TV. That's about all there is to know about me. )
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HEY HOW ARE YOU ALL sorry I'm the worst at life journaling.

I pretty much stopped watching tv for a long time. I hardly watched anything for a year. If I watched anything it was just random youtube videos that I'd fall asleep to halfway through. And I'd watch things that were available on Netflix because it meant I didn't have to turn on my computer and download something. But lately I've been making the effort to rediscover my true love (television) and get caught up on things.

Shows I'm now current on:

The 100
Better Call Saul
Agents of SHIELD
Jessica Jones
Luke Cage
Iron Fist
Dark Matter
Game of Thrones
The OA
Master of None
Stranger Things
Bojack Horseman

Show I'm currently getting caught up on:

The Americans (1/3 of the way through the current season)

Shows next on the list to catch up on:

The Walking Dead (haven't watched last have of season 7)
Killjoys (haven't watched season 2)
Orphan Black (haven't watched season 4)
Fargo (need to start season 3, which is currently airing)
Grimm (need to finish the last couple eps of season 5, and then apparently the show ended with one more season :( so I need to watch that too.)
Homeland (need to watch season 6)

Shows I will one day resume, one daaaaaay:

Continuum (just need to watch that last wrap-up season)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (I don't even remember where I left off)

Shows I stopped watching a while ago and gave up on:

Once Upon a Time
Sleepy Hollow
probably others

I missed you, tv
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Spoilers for recent events of these shows.

Sleepy Hollow )

The Flash )

Arrow )

Agent Carter )

Have we all seen the Daredevil trailer which premiered this morning??

(direct link in case the iframe code above doesn't work)

I think it looks really good! I mean, in the long list of superheroes I have trouble caring about, Daredevil is on it for sure, but he's more towards the middle rather than the top, so I'm really just more generally pumped about the start of these Netflix series in general (CAN'T WAIT FOR JESSICA JONES). Also basically everything Marvel puts out is a+++ quality so even if I don't care about Daredevil now I probably will after watching what is sure to be an a+ tv series.
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It's come to my attention that maybe nobody else is watching Fargo (the new tv show) but me, haha.

If you liked the movie Fargo, you'll like the show. It's the same kind of dark comedy. It's violent. And often the violence and comedy come together. It is a tv show on a basic cable channel so it's not as gory as the movie was, for instance. But there's lots of blood. And a lot of cavalier murdering.

So if you can stand, or even like, that stuff, I recommend the show! From what I gather, the first season is going to be a self-contained story. I think they are going to be doing that new style of tv where each season is basically its own mini-series and each season is then loosely connected. But don't quote me on that.

Although I hope at least the character of Molly continues on because Molly is the best and if you like dorky, relatable, intelligent lady cops then you'll like her and you'll want to be watching this show.


So not to spoil too much of the plot but the bad guy is Lester (Martin Freeman) and Molly is trying to catch him but there's also this other bad guy played by Billy Bob Thornton who is funny and scary at the same time and this other whole plot of what Billy Bob is up to + this crime syndicate thing. Molly is only like 36.4% of the show I don't want to give the impression it's all about her (I WISH) but she's totally the best part.

Also there is this other dorky cop named Gus played by Colin Hanks and I ship Gus and Molly and their ship name is GOLLY.

heLPPPPP, and by that I mean watch the show and drown in the Golly feels with me
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Parks and Rec )

Elementary )

Vikings )
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I think the universe is trying to make up for my spectacularly shitty December by making January pretty awesome! Chris's parents are giving us one of their cars because his dad wants to buy a new truck. Exciting!! Free car! It's not the most fantastic car in the world - it's a 2002 Land Rover Range Rover.

Pros: it's been kept up with regular oil changes and maintenance all along so it's in fine shape; it's an SUV so lots of space, it might actually be helpful in our upcoming move & trips to Ikea; the new house is a mile from the light rail stop which is walkable in winter but in summer might be a bit inconvenient; did I mention it's free

Cons: it's a 12 year old car; it's got over 200,000 miles on it already; the mileage is atrocious at a mere 10mpg/city and 15mpg/highway; still gotta pay for monthly insurance, registration, taxes, all that fun stuff

But the cons are worth it because a) FREE CAR and b) we will only use it around town.

The car has also come at a perfect time because my one worry about moving into our new house is that we didn't have a car, so the driveway would be empty all the time - it would give the impression nobody's home like all the time. It's not the best neighborhood so that was giving me a slight worry. BUT NOW WE HAVE A CAR TO KEEP IN THE DRIVEWAY.

Ok on to tv talk!

Elementary )

Regarding Helix: I didn't like it. So if you did you might want to skip this, lol.

Helix )


Nov. 22nd, 2013 08:53 pm
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The leaves are changing colors (well in some climates anyway), the air is developing a bite, it's getting darker earlier.. it is November. It is deep into the new fall television season. What have we learned?

What I learned is that I got THREE new shows I love. Three! I never walk away from premiere season with three shows!

just assume spoilers for most recent eps, idk where this rambling will lead )

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So what's your favorite new show or three you stuck with this fall season? :D
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- still can't stop thinking about Thor 2 tbqh. I've got my comic book club this week & so I'll be spending a bunch of money picking up my comics (I switched my pull list to the comic shop the book club is at! I love this comic shop; it's family run and they're super nice and actually really into comics, not like the last place >.<) and also buying next month's book probably, so I can't see Thor 2 again for probably a couple weeks since I am basically out of money. (Unless I want to spend my food money. Which I could. Eating is dumb, right? MOVIES INSTEAD.) Woe upon me.

I patently refuse to read most reviews, forum threads, random tumblr posts, etc, about Jane Foster unless it's someone whose opinion I can probably guess in advance and know it to align with mine. Childish of me, maybe. But I love her and I have so many emotions and I just don't want to deal with the hate right now. I'd rather avoid it and live in my happy place.

- Sleepy Hollow remains fabulous. It's crazy how quickly the show settled into a groove for me. Some shows take me a while to get a feel for, and I mean, I was feeling SH by the end of the pilot. And I still am. I lead an Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane appreciation life.

- In "Shows I'm Pretty Sure Only I Watch" news, Homeland and Boardwalk Empire are both SO, SO GOOD this season. Like, damn. Each of them are having their best season so far.

Boardwalk Empire especially has been impressing the pants off me. The story is more complex, but more understandable, and best of all, more interesting, than before. The writing is really good - all the characters are being used where they are best. The story is as dark as ever, but so real. And they have incorporated lots of funny moments. I hate to compare but it has developed that Breaking Bad quality of having strange, human, funny moments in the middle of all the crazy darkness. And the cinematography is sooo gorgeousssss.


- Agents of SHIELD has improved exponentially. If you dropped it after an episode or two you might consider picking it back up. Especially if the only reason you dropped it was because you thought there weren't enough character moments. The latest episode was so lovely and full of wonderful character stuff. I love everyone now. <3 And I have so many ships.. my multishipping is out of control on AoS.

- Aughghghg Revolution is consistently good this season. Heaven help me - I like Monroe now. Damnit. And it's SO FUNNY. Like, I mean, it's not a comedy. But it cracks me up so much.



- Still enjoying Haven, Elementary, and yes, even Once Upon a Time. But fuck Peter Pan, dude. Seriously. Fuck that guy.

According to Once Upon a Time, my hometown is two towns over from Storybrooke.

The red circle is where I grew up. The line on the map actually leads to a town called Thomaston, which I have been to many times. It was the nearest town with a movie theater. There's also a state prison there. I have been to the prison gift shop, lol.

When I was watching the episode I had to do a double-take on the map cause I was just like HEY I KNOW WHERE THAT IS. I've always wondered where Storybrooke is supposed to be in Maine and now I know. XD Which means I get to nitpick things yayyyy.

gosh i love arrows.

also watching tv, making icons, writing fic, reading comics, and generally fanning it up.